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April 2022 Edina Magazine Digital Edition
On the Cover- The VonVett family

In the past two years, we’ve lost a lot of what was once “normal.” We’ve had to change our routines, adjust our expectations, question our worldviews and experience a great sense of loss. But at the same time, despite all the pain, division and frustrations, here we are. We’re still standing—even if we are a bit more battered and bruised than we were before. I just want to acknowledge that it’s taken a lot of bravery and perseverance for each of us to make it here today.

For myself, part of making it through the past two years was learning to fight for goodness, pay attention to beauty and revel in simple pleasures. That’s actually something I love about this magazine—it’s a dedicated space to celebrate those things. Of course, in times like these, some may deem fashion, beauty and home renovations as trivial. There are terrible things happening in our world, and we have much bigger, more serious things to worry about, right? But that’s just the thing. Sometimes we just need a little joy, a little fun. Personally, I think it’s good for us to at least occasionally indulge in the lighthearted to balance out the difficult. We need things that fill us up so that we can carry on and pour out for the people who need us.

So, I encourage you to take an hour or two this month and flip through this magazine. Read about community volunteers and local boutiques. Learn about the clean beauty movement and vegan fast-food. Celebrate music and storytelling, and indulge in the beauty of an incredible kitchen renovation and the delight of a tea party. Take some time to enjoy the lighthearted and joy-filled and revel in the fun and good things happening in our community in the midst of the difficult.

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