Read the July 2022 Edina Magazine Digital Edition

Edina Magazine July 2022

Read the July 2022 Edina Magazine Digital Edition

Everyone likes getting love letters, right? Hand-written notes full of things that someone else finds wonderful about you … who wouldn’t want one? Well, this issue—the Best of 2022—is kind of like a love letter to the city of Edina. Throughout these pages, we’re waxing poetic about what makes this community such a special place to live, work and raise families. 

In a magazine where we’re so laser-focused on local—where every single article has some sort of Edina angle—you could probably argue that every issue is a love letter of sorts. But this one takes things to the next level. After all, we are revealing our reader’s choice winners (page 38)! Speaking of which—I wanted to thank all of you who voted in this year’s readers’ poll. While most of it was the same as years past, we did add a few new categories (Best Pizza, Best Plant-Based Menu, Best OBGYN and Best Jeweler) and switched to a write-in voting process. The results? Well, they speak for themselves!

Once you explore the list of winners, be sure to read through the rest of this month’s issue. It’s full of favorites from our Noteworthy contributors and editorial advisory board members, plus some fun tips on summer grilling and planning the perfect picnic.

And, of course, there’s the Editor’s Picks, which includes some stories that don’t fall into the poll’s bucket, but ones I felt were worthy of the spotlight, too. There you’ll meet a local teen who spends her Saturday mornings volunteering, make a mental escape to my favorite park in town and get a glimpse at the program that’s fostering creativity and innovation among local high school students.

We are pleased to bring you the Best of 2022. I hope it makes you fall in love with Edina all over again.

-Amy Overgaard