5 Reasons Laser Hair Removal is the Self-Care Treatment for Summer

Beautifully hair-free
We talked to Edina’s laser hair removal experts at Milan Laser Hair Removal about ditching the razors for good.

Body hair is totally normal. And while it’s a personal choice to get rid of it or not, many people opt to have unwanted hair removed through painful, cyclical methods. Shaving, waxing, threading, and plucking all have an ouch factor and yield temporary results. But there’s an obvious standout in the hair removal game if permanent results are your goal: laser hair removal

We talked to Edina’s laser hair removal experts at Milan Laser Hair Removal about ditching the razors for good. Here are the top five reasons why laser hair removal is the best self-care treatment for keeping you summer-ready year-round.

1. Save Time!

We only have so many hours in a day, and who wants to spend that extra time in the shower shaving or carving out hours for waxing appointments? Not us! The average person spends 39 hours a year shaving—that’s like shaving for almost two days straight! “Me time” should never mean “more shaving time.”

Monthly waxing appointments add up to about eight hours a year. Waxing does give you longer-lasting results than shaving, but the results are still fleeting. On the other hand, when performed properly, laser hair removal has most clients 95%+ hair-free after seven to 10 treatments (a fraction of time spent on temporary hair removal methods). In other words: more time to treat yourself to what you actually love doing. 

2. Save Money!

Here’s a major point of contention with hair removal: the cost. We already hemorrhage money when it comes to beauty, so why pay more to keep up with the revolving door that is hair removal?

The cost of shaving adds up. To get that smooth, close shave, you need to invest in high-end razors, moisturizing creams, and exfoliators. Not a lot to pay at once, sure, but the average person spends about $18,000 in a lifetime on shaving essentials

An endless routine of waxing is even more expensive and can cost more than $23,000 in a lifetime. Additionally, you’ll spend about two work weeks every decade on waxing appointments to maintain results. 

With laser hair removal, many places offer payment plans to make confidence and beauty affordable for everyone. These payments are often less than the cost of monthly waxing appointments, and that value is increased significantly considering the permanent results of laser hair removal. For example, Milan Laser offers no-interest laser hair removal payment plans with payments as low as $29 a month.

In the long run, laser hair removal is an investment rather than an expense. 

3. Smooth Skin

The perfectly airbrushed legs we see in ads for razors and creams are rarely, if ever, what we get. Our bikini line never looks like the models’ in the commercials. Shaving usually leads to red, bumpy skin and razor burn. Worst-case scenario, ingrown hairs, and bacterial infections or folliculitis can occur—not a pretty picture.

With laser hair removal, the soft, touchable skin you’ve always wanted is attainable. That’s because the laser destroys the hair at the root without damaging the skin so you don’t have to worry about ingrown hairs, razor burn, or any other nuisance associated with sugaring, waxing, plucking, and shaving. If you go somewhere that uses the correct laser technology, laser hair removal is safe and effective for all skin tones.

For example, Milan Laser uses the Candela GentleMax Pro. This machine provides the most comfortable laser hair removal treatments and allows providers to tailor each treatment to clients’ specific hair types and skin tones. The reason being, the laser contains two separate technologies: Nd: YAG and Alexandrite. The Alexandrite is ideal for light to olive skin tones, and the Nd: YAG works best for darker skin tones. 

4. Lifelong Results

If you’re shaving every other day, you want that hair gone. Sadly, regrowth after shaving can happen within just a day or two. A shaving routine creates a never-ending cycle of removing hair on the surface, repurchasing razors, creams, and exfoliators, nicking ourselves, and getting to those hard-to-reach areas. But when performed properly, laser hair removal gives you the permanent results you crave without the fuss.

During treatments, a laser pulse is delivered directly into the hair follicle. The light from the laser becomes heat, destroying the follicle so it can never—ever—grow again. New hair follicles can always become active due to hormonal changes, age, or genetics, and new hair can grow. 

Choosing the best laser hair removal package is just as important as choosing the right place for treatments. Most laser hair removal providers offer treatment packages of six or 9 sessions, which won’t leave you with the hair-free results you want. That means you’re stuck buying more sessions or paying touch-up fees down the road. Your best option is to go with a provider who offers unlimited laser hair removal sessions for life at no additional cost, like Milan Laser. 

5. Peace of Mind

Imagine not worrying about stubble-ridden legs on display while you’re wearing cropped pants or throwing on your swimsuit at a moment’s notice—it’s completely possible! Laser hair removal gives you permanent results, while shaving and waxing are only temporary and can leave you with painful razor burn and ingrown hairs. 

Temporary results mean continuously throwing away your time and money. The average person spends almost 40 hours a year shaving, and an endless shaving and waxing routine is a money pit expense. Laser hair removal not only saves you cash and precious time but also gives you the hair-free skin of your dreams. It’s a win-win!

The confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the smooth, hair-free skin you want 24/7 is something everyone deserves

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