Author Lynn Jaffee journaling.

Putting Grief to Paper. Creative pursuits can help people process grief and rediscover hope—as this local author can attest.

Founders Alexis and Leah

Teletherapy Practice Orka Health and Wellness Launches in Edina. Orka Health and Wellness gives people the energy to live their best lives.

Women's hands forming a heart

Since this is the Best of Edina issue, I wanted to explore a health topic which I’m very passionate about, which can help unlock a person’s best health: lifestyle medicine.

A Meditation on Love, Loss and Survival

In 1968, Congress made Memorial Day a national holiday to be celebrated on the last Monday in May. Originally, it was a day set aside to clean and decorate the graves of Civil War dead.

Travel is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, and the benefits go well beyond taking a break from our lives. It opens us to new environments, cultures, cuisines and experiences.

Sara “Sparky” Park

During a time when social interaction had to take place primarily online, social media platforms took off and became even more popular. Perhaps because of this, uplifting and inspirational content is much more common online than it used to be.

Milan Laser Hair Removal

Everyone with unwanted body hair has likely heard of at-home hair removal devices—and we’re not talking about waxing kits and razors!

Trusting Heart Blood Center

Since opening in October 2020, the Trusting Heart Blood Center has been transporting healthy blood donations to local hospitals.

back pain while sitting

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine programs were not a common offering to patients seeking care. But the pandemic forced healthcare providers to adjust care and deliver treatment remotely through telemedicine programs.

walking for fitness

When gyms were forced to close during last year’s pandemic lockdowns, workout routines were disrupted, leaving many unsure about how best to continue their healthy, active lifestyles.