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Trusting Heart Blood Center
Consider making Edina’s new blood donation center part of your routine.

Since opening in October 2020, the Trusting Heart Blood Center has been transporting healthy blood donations to local hospitals. This Edina-based blood center focuses on platelets, the tiny cell particles found in large numbers within the blood that help with blood clotting and wound healing. Platelets are also important for patients fighting cancer and other diseases.

Carlie Pederson, head of center operations, believes Edina is an excellent spot for a blood center. “Edina is a really great area,” she says. “The people seem really inclined to help us with our cause; I think right now it’s the perfect fit to be operating out of Edina, and it’s close enough to so many other areas that people come to the center from those areas as well.”

Because the donor population for platelets is older, the center’s goal is to get people who aren’t accustomed to donating platelets to come in and have it become a part of their scheduled routine every two weeks. “Anyone can come in and try to donate,” Pederson says. “The first step is that you do a pre-screen appointment. During that appointment, you answer health history questions and undergo a physical. We then take a blood sample and send it off for testing, and as long as that comes back clear after 21 days, that person can donate platelets.” The 21 days is a safety timeline to ensure samples are healthy.

Platelets can take up to two hours per donation. Because of this, the Trusting Heart Blood Center tries to make donating a comfortable experience. “Everyone has their own private suite. We understand two hours is a good chunk of your day, and we want it to be a nice experience for you,” Pederson says.

The Trusting Heart Blood Center consists of 15 to 17 staff members on site. According to Pederson, the medical staff is always there to make people feel comfortable and answer any questions about medications, etc. The staff also includes center medical directors who oversee the center every week and biological supervisors who test and process all of the platelets.

It is important that donations happen near the laboratory because platelets only have a five-day shelf life. “We process those as quickly as we can, which is why it is really beneficial that we have our lab on site,” says Pederson, who is excited about the growing business and all the potential new volunteer donors who can help save the lives of those in need. 

Trusting Heart Blood Center
7390 France Ave. S.