At-home Laser Hair Removal vs. Professional—Which is Better?

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Everyone with unwanted body hair has likely heard of at-home hair removal devices—and we’re not talking about waxing kits and razors! These devices promise permanent hair removal in the comforts of your own home, without the pitfalls of razor burn or the pain of waxing. It might sound easier than professional laser hair removal, but before you decide to take the plunge with at-home hair removal devices, find out what the experts at Milan Laser Hair Removal in Edina have to say about the differences between professional laser hair removal and at-home hair removal devices.

What are the results from at-home devices vs. professional laser hair removal? 

At-home hair removal devices typically use one of two technology types: true laser (diode) or intense pulsed light (IPL) technology. Both can remove hair, but the results are dramatically different between at-home devices and professional laser hair removal. The intensity of at-home devices isn’t as high as lasers in clinics, and the area treated is much smaller than with in-clinic lasers, so it takes a long time to do an area. And less intensity means less effectiveness, and many find that hair grows back faster and results are less permanent than professional laser hair removal

True laser hair removal uses focused laser light to target the hair follicle. Light is absorbed by the pigment to heat and destroy the follicle so it can’t grow back. When performed correctly, results from professional laser hair removal are permanentwithin seven to 10 treatments, most Milan Laser clients are 95%+ hair-free

On average, there’s about a 70% reduction in unwanted hair after three months of using IPL and diode devices at home. And typically, hair will grow back once you stop using at-home devices, and there’s no guarantee that users will see results. 

Are at-home devices safe to use? 

Not all at-home hair removal devices are regulated by the FDA, so safety is not guaranteed. With these devices, you’re on your own with following the instructions, which can be complicated. Diodes, in particular, have a greater potential for user error and carry a high burn risk, especially for those with darker skin tones

And many at-home devices cannot be used for facial hair removal, something that people with PCOS often want to be treated. Professional laser hair removal can be done on nearly any body area, and those hard-to-reach areas are easily treated by providers with medical oversight in a few minutes. At-home devices are time-consuming and painful when treating larger areas and may require multiple sessions to treat a full area. So, not only are in-clinic laser hair removal treatments quicker with better coverage, but they are also more comfortable because the laser has built-in comfort features to reduce any potential discomfort. 

Who can use at-home hair removal devices? 

A huge drawback of at-home laser hair removal is the effectiveness on a narrow range of skin tones. These devices only work when there’s a dramatic contrast between the skin tone and hair color, meaning fair skin and dark hair. People with darker skin tones have a greater burn risk, and some devices will shut off if the skin tone isn’t compatible. Professional laser hair removal is the only safe option for those with darker skin tones

And with professional laser hair removal, there’s never a one-size-fits-all process. For example, Milan Laser’s highly trained team of laser hair removal experts creates customized treatment plans for each client to ensure treatments are as safe and effective as possible. Some lasers, such as the Candela GentleMax Pro used at Milan Laser, include two laser technologies to treat all skin tones—the Nd: YAG for darker skin and the Alexandrite for lighter skin tones. That means, unlike at-home devices, professional laser hair removal is safe and effective for all skin tones

What’s the cost of laser hair removal vs. at-home devices?

Initially, the lower price point might be tempting to those wanting to kick unwanted hair to the curb. After all, it’s only a one-time fee, right? Wrong! With IPL and diodes, there are hidden costs—replacement cartridges, attachments, and the need for continued shaving and waxing when you don’t get the desired results. 

While professional laser hair removal may be more of an initial investment, the cost of laser hair removal is more affordable than most people think. Look for places that offer unlimited laser hair removal packages and great specials, like Milan Laser. You’ll never have to worry about touch-up fees or other surprise costs down the road because your results are guaranteed for life. And some, like Milan Laser, may even offer affordable, no-interest laser hair removal payment plans that can be as low as $29 a month. 

Why Professional Laser Hair Removal is the Best Choice

The best way to get hair-free for good is with professional in-clinic laser hair removal. Not only is there medical oversight, but you’re also in the hands of experts who will safely and thoroughly treat the areas you want hair-free

Treating yourself at home might sound worthwhile, but in the end, at-home devices take wayy more time—batteries die, the treatment area is very small, and because the intensity is lower, it takes more sessions to see results. With professional laser hair removal, treatments are quick—most can be done over a lunch break—with no downtime, and the results are permanent! 

Best of all, in-clinic treatments are done in a judgment-free environment by friendly medical professionals who care about you and your reasons for wanting smooth, hair-free skin. 

Ready to lose that unwanted hair for good? Give the experts at Milan Laser a call at 933-NO-RAZOR or visit a local laser hair removal expert at Milan Laser’s Edina location. They are conveniently located near Southdale Mall on York Avenue. 

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