The use of essential oils for health benefits dates back to ancient Egyptian cultures, when oils infused with herbs were used for an array of health purposes.

Successful pet adoptions are generally not a drive-through experience. Though highly rewarding, pet adoptions require a bit of effort and patience.

Spring break is approaching, and while the thought of escaping this frozen tundra is enticing, going from wearing bulky sweaters to a bathing suit can be slightly terrifying. Not to worry—Lee Hersh, a food and fitness blogger and instructor at Corepower Yoga in Edina, is here to help.

Be well. This is a both a lifestyle and mantra for many who live in Edina. From bike trails to fitness studios, access to nutritional foods and quality healthcare, Edina has the infrastructure to support a healthy lifestyle.

Teens with depression have a new line of defense against destructive emotions.

The Creek Valley Wellness Committee won a Connecting with Kids Leadership Award for their work at Creek Valley Elementary School, which includes starting a running club, initiating Mix It Up Day, and introducing new fruit and vegetab

On September 12, the Preeclampsia Foundation is bringing its Saving Grace Gala home after a decade of traveling the country.

Bobby Hart tries out the disc golf course at Rosland Park.

The disc golf course at Kenneth Rosland Park in Edina was built by the will of the people.

At York Gardens Assisted Living, residents can take fitness classes with certified fitness professionals to develop strength, flexibility and balance.

Edina Mountain Bike Team member Max Ellingson, No. 331, is part of a growing local sport.

Edina High School junior Max Ellingson began mountain biking in eighth grade. You’ll find him astride his hardtail mountain bike as soon as the last bit of spring snow melts from pathways.