Are You Ready for a Pet?

Alisha Balzer of Chuck and Don’s talks pet adoption.

Successful pet adoptions are generally not a drive-through experience. Though highly rewarding, pet adoptions require a bit of effort and patience.

Alisha Balzer of Chuck and Don’s in Edina says adopters don’t always get a lot of history on a rescued pet. So they must be prepared and understand that adopting a pet is a big responsibility. Pets should be considered forever family members.

Aspiring pet owners generally attend a meet-and-greet at a local pet rescue facility or event before submitting an adoption application. A home inspection may be required to ensure new pets are in good hands. Ultimately, pet adoption is about finding the right fit. Whether you’re after a dog, cat, or a more exotic companion, Chuck and Don’s can do special orders for chickens, iguanas, sugar gliders (flying squirrels), and more. They can also help potential pet adopters with their stock of pet amenities.

Check out this month’s popular adoption opportunities by calling Edina’s Chuck and Don’s or visiting their website here.