dpHUE Grows Roots in Edina

Hair coloring 101 in Edina.

Edina residents can now learn to color their own hair. Not from the side of a box found in a pharmacy aisle, but from the professional color advisers and educators at dpHUE at 50th and France. The brainchild of Donna Pohlad (yes, that Donna Pohlad), has launched what she calls a color bar, expanding its current offering of do-it-yourself at-home high-end hair coloring to include a DIY “coached” in-store option.
DpHue’s salon at 4944 France Ave. S. offers full-service coloring by any one of six certified cosmetologists. Anyone can do this, and everyone should try—at least once.
Frustrated with scheduling difficulties when attempting to color her own hair, and wary of the questionable chemical substance of store-bought box colors, Pohlad first started researching the idea of this “middle option” in 2009. “It just made sense, and nobody else was doing it,” says dpHUE associate Maddy Persuitti, who is also Pohlad’s daughter. “Any product out there, from cereal to shampoo to jewelry, has a more-affordable option, a high-end option and something in between. Why not color?”