Fostering Opportunity

A guide to becoming a foster-care provider.

With a little patience and guidance, you can become a nurturing resource for a child in need. Born Chea, adoptions and foster care licensing supervisor of Hennepin County Foster Care, helps map out the step-by-step process.

The first step is to attend a two-hour informational meeting that covers the entire process in great detail. The amount of training required depends on whether the child is a relative or not and if the child is under a certain age. This training can range from six to over 12 hours of various classes. Training takes place after interested individuals submit an application for consideration to become a foster care provider, so that certification is available shortly afterward.

Chea has seen many success stories, many of which end in the foster care provider “falling in love” and gaining an opportunity to adopt the child. Another benefit is simply to “give the kid the opportunity to grow in a family that is healthy.”

For more information and to find upcoming informational meetings, visit the website here.