January 2022

As we begin the new year, we’re looking for ways to better care for ourselves and others—through food, fitness, rest and time together.

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Hello, readers! May I introduce myself? My name is Amy Overgaard. I’m a writer and editor living in St. Paul with my husband (and hopefully a dog, soon, if all goes according to plan!). But why is a St. Paul gal like me writing the editor’s note for your magazine?

Ice Dreams

Mom and hobby photographer Holly Dau says taking photos of her kids is “somewhat of a mom-job.” This award-winning photo was taken at the Pamela Park ice rink.

Whole Grains

Why does pasta get so much of the culinary glory? Granted, it transforms dishes, comes in shapes galore and has “comfort food” written all over it.

stretching at gym

For many, ringing in the new year means getting rid of old lifestyle habits. Following the bountiful holiday season, a time when channeling your healthiest self can be tough, many new diet fads and fitness regimens can seem daunting.

Kitchen Remodel by Haus of Rowe

As homes continue aging and the market for new homes continues to be tricky, homeowners look toward remodeling.

Jenny Taft

For most of us, we’re lucky if we are able to pursue a passion in our lifetime.

Including seniors at mealtime boosts nutrition and happiness in the elderly

Some of our most memorable meals are the ones we enjoy with loved ones. How does this impact the elderly who eat alone?

Jonathan Rundman

Some much in the world is constantly evolving, and music is no different. Styles change and older songs and genres get left behind. But Edina resident Jonathan Rundman went on a mission to save some of them.

Rotarian Paul Mooty, chairman of Faribault Woolen Mill, with My Very Own Bed's Kelsey Tritabaugh, founder Michael Allen and Randy Manthey.

Catching some z’s shouldn’t be a luxury. But for some kids, the proper furniture and bedding are simply out of reach.

Colleen Feige

Colleen Feige serves as president of the League of Women Voters Edina (LWVE), a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed participation in government and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

Smile: The Story of a Face

Playwright Sarah Ruhl and her husband, Tony Charuvastra, are taken by surprise when they learn that they are expecting twins—and when serious complications develop, Ruhl must rest in bed for months.

sparkling apple cider vinegar tonic

Like so many, I always tend to start the new year with a health kick—a new gym, yoga, immunity shots, essential oils. I’ve tried it all. This year, instead of suddenly signing up for a gym membership, I’m opting for a healthy mocktail.

Pinecone sculpture by Marcia McEachron

The pinecone is an iconic symbol of Minnesota: These woody, seed-filled cones are where our Northwoods come from.

Sara “Sparky” Park

During a time when social interaction had to take place primarily online, social media platforms took off and became even more popular. Perhaps because of this, uplifting and inspirational content is much more common online than it used to be.