Jack of All Sports

Tips for keeping kids healthy and out of the emergency room.

Minor injuries are nothing new to a parent of a young athlete. But an additional resource to be aware of is Twin Cities Orthopedics Edina, or what director of clinical development Justina Lehman-Lane, CNP, DNP, calls “continuity of care.” The staff at Twin Cities Orthopedics Edina works with athletic trainers and coaches to ensure that young athletes are playing safely and at their best; they provide two on-site athletic trainers who work with student athletes, coaches and teams at Edina High School. The Edina TCO clinic can treat strains, sprains and even most fractures. They will also coordinate with your hospital for surgical procedures, if necessary. An open fracture where the bone is visible, however, should be sent directly to the ER. So how do you keep your child out of urgent care in the first place? Lehman-Lane urges parents to put their children in more than one sport: “It keeps them in overall shape.” She says using different muscles for different activities can prevent overuse injuries from repeated motions.

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