Score One for the Home Team

Concord donates state-of-the-art scoreboard to Courtney Field.
Edina High School baseball coach Carter Freeman, Concord CEO Chris Davis, American Legion coach Owen Davis and Nick Kennedy.

Concord, an IT business support company owned by three Edina residents, has lit up Edina with pride. By donating a state-of-the-art baseball scoreboard to Courtney Field, the owners, Stuart Nutting, Jeff Northrup and Chris Davis, have shared their business success with the entire community. The scoreboard is valued at more than $30,000 and is a cherry on top of a spectacular venue, says Robb Leer, Concord media liaison.“They want to reinvest their success back into the neighborhood,” Leer says. “It symbolizes the best of Edina when someone gives back to make this a better place.”Not only will this scoreboard provide a new experience for players and fans for years to come, it arrived just in time for Edina to host its first state American Legion state tournament last month.“It’s an honor for us to contribute to our community, and hopefully we’ll be able to do more of this,” says Davis, chief operating officer of Concord.The switch was flipped before the Edina High School baseball team’s first home game, and an on-field ceremony was conducted at the Hornets’ high school game on May 6.“When we reinvest in our community, everybody wins,” says Leer