Seasonal Beauty

Products and services for your fall beauty routine.
Personalize your fall beauty product purchases with these tips from local experts.

We’ve been keeping our eyes open for fall beauty. No, we’re not leaf-peeping. We’re looking for the best ideas in fall beauty products. Here’s what we found:

Apple cider vinegar rinse and leave-in conditioner
Apples and autumn are a natural match. And apple cider vinegar is having a moment. The benefits of this ancient ingredient are being talked about in everything from food to cleansers. DpHue’s ACV rinse uses apple cider vinegar to gently remove impurities from your hair and scalp, taking the place of your shampoo and conditioner. It cleanses without stripping and leaves your hair super-clean and shiny. The leave-in conditioner seals your hair’s cuticle, making it smoother and shinier. And it doesn’t smell like vinegar. $30 rinse, $35 leave-in. Available at dpHue.

Custom tanning
Summer has faded, but you don’t have to. A custom airbrush tanning service that uses organic products can keep you bronzed and beautiful all winter long. The ingredients in this tanning spray work with the amino acids in your skin’s outermost layer to create a custom shade. Boom! You glow, girl! $40 for single session/$90 membership packages starting at three sessions/month. Special occasion packages available. Glow Lounge.

Jo Malone London black cedarwood and juniper cologne
Let the lemony-citrusy smells of summer give way to the warm-toasty smells of fall. This autumn-appropriate fragrance has a woodsy-earthy base with a top note that is a spicy cumin with a cool green juniper aroma at the heart. And like the seasons, changing your scent can improve your mood and outlook. 30 mL $65; 100 mL $130. Available at Blue Mercury.

If you’re in market for a more significant change, this non-surgical technique can get rid of that little pouch of fat right under your chin. If you’re bothered by a double chin, this might be the season to do something about it. The first session is usually four injections; you might need a follow-up, but clinic coordinator Sharon Miller says that the fat cells don’t grow back, so your saggy chin won’t “fall back” on you. $2,400 for the first session of four injections. The Metropolitan.

CND Shellac and Vinylux nail color
Fall colors are everywhere: red leaves, orange pumpkins, deep blue sky. Want to incorporate them into your fall look? Get a mani/pedi at A La Mode with CND nail colors. CND is a salon-only brand; Shellac and Vinylux are two of CNDs long-lasting “seven-free” brands. (Seven-free? That means free of seven nasty toxins that some polishes contain). These two lines are safe and long-lasting, but the reason we noticed them is the color. Serious, deep, bold, bottomless color. Wine dark and deep browns, golden sunsets and shimmering jewel tones. This kind of color brings that late-fall beauty right down to the tips of your fingers (and toes). Signature manicure starts at $25. Ask for prices on Shellac and Vinylux. A La Mode.