Skating to Success at Braemar City of Lakes

Introducing the stars at Braemar City of Lakes Figure Skating Club.

The Braemar City of Lakes Figure Skating Club has enjoyed great success over the past year. The club currently boasts two state champions, Edinan Maddie Deets and Claire Desautels, who hails from Excelsior. Since it began, the club has produced 60 national champions, and this team may add to the tally. Braemar City of Lakes is brimming with talent, including two skaters, Liesel Schreiner and Lauren Swenson, who placed third and fourth place in the Minnesota State Figure Skating Championships. This immensely popular program comprises 128 figure skaters of various age groups. The advanced skaters hit the ice almost every day of the week to practice and perfect their skills.
Don’t let this month’s Olympics be the only time you watch figure skating. Braemar will showcase its talent on center ice this spring during the 2014 Braemar Skating Show, May 2-3 at Braemar Arena. “Edina residents can feel proud of their state champion skaters, and their figure skating club, which is a model of success in the sport now and for years to come,” says Chris Deets, a former member of the club’s board of directors. Braemar continues the Edina tradition of nurturing successful youth programs and sports, all while icing out the competition.