Fitness on the Go

Travel is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, and the benefits go well beyond taking a break from our lives. It opens us to new environments, cultures, cuisines and experiences.

Staying active should be an important part of any vacation, as it helps release dopamine, the feel-good hormone, to drive up our energy levels and keep us motivated. It can also help keep you accountable and make it easier to transition back into your daily regimen post vacation. Read more about Fitness on the Go

Level Up

stretching at gym

For many, ringing in the new year means getting rid of old lifestyle habits. Following the bountiful holiday season, a time when channeling your healthiest self can be tough, many new diet fads and fitness regimens can seem daunting. That’s why we turned to experts at the Southdale YMCA and F45 Edina to learn about the role that fitness plays in their lives, how they work to maintain consistency and the impact that creating an encouraging community has on achieving goals. Read more about Level Up


Social Media Spark

Sara “Sparky” Park

During a time when social interaction had to take place primarily online, social media platforms took off and became even more popular. Perhaps because of this, uplifting and inspirational content is much more common online than it used to be. When this content comes from a local face, it can be even more touching and inspiring.

Read more about Social Media Spark

Crush It

walking for fitness

When gyms were forced to close during last year’s pandemic lockdowns, workout routines were disrupted, leaving many unsure about how best to continue their healthy, active lifestyles. Improvising, given the circumstances, several Concord community members, who named themselves the Crushers, opted for their heaviest soup cans and the great outdoors to get their fitness fix. Socially distant gatherings at St. John’s Park became part of this group’s regular fitness plan. Read more about Crush It


The Burpee Chick

Stephanie Tennessen, the Burpee Queen

Edina resident Stephanie Tennessen broke the Guinness World Record for the most chest-to-floor burpees in 60 minutes last September.

“It’s just such a big accomplishment to be able to take on something like this and be successful during such a stressful time,” Tennessen says. Read more about The Burpee Chick


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