A Delightful Summer Read

June Jones, 28, is the library assistant at the Chalcot Library in rural England. Built in the 1870s as the village school, the library is a red brick building. It is beloved, but it has seen better days. Shy June is beloved as well. Every morning, she opens the library doors to Stanley Phelps. June helps Stanley log into his email so that he can write his son in the United States. Read more about A Delightful Summer Read


Read, Drink, Listen


At 6 foot 2, Julia McWilliams stood out. She was rejected for military service in World War II, but was accepted by the Office of Strategic Services. Working in Sri Lanka, she learned how to catalogue vast amounts of information and keep secrets. She also met Paul Child. After their marriage, Mrs. Child famously learned how to cook, to create a home out of a bedroom and a kitchen, and to enjoy life as Julia. In Julia Child Rules: Lessons on Savoring Life, Karen Karbo tells Child’s story and how Julia Child embraced who she was and what she loved. Read more about Read, Drink, Listen

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