3 Tips for Clearing Out Your Bathroom Clutter

Illustrated images of common bathroom beauty items.
The professionals at Style and Dwell offer tips for organizing your beauty products.

First things first: be totally honest with yourself and minimize what you have. Ditch products you never use. Check expiration dates. You could be unintentionally introducing harmful bacteria, if you’re keeping items around longer than recommended.

Next up: Get organized! Put “like with like” and you’ll be amazed at how much more efficient you are in the morning! Makeup storage can simply be a dedicated bag with various compartments, or pretty acrylic containers.

Finally: Store those larger beauty products that tend to topple over grouped together in a simple container or even an acrylic Lazy Susan. Don’t forget to label them, as you’ll be less likely to slip back into old habits.

Contributed by Ashley McCarthy and Lindsay Cisewski, co-owners of Style and Dwell, an Edina based home organization business.