Portrait of Shrey Ramesh

Biomedical Engineering Student Driven by Passion for Patients. Citizen of Edina: Shrey Ramesh.

Portrait of Cheryl Gunness

Community Involvement Coordinator Keeps Edina Learning. Citizen of Edina: Cheryl Gunness.

Portrait of Ethan Esparza.

Update on Kid Entrepreneur Turned Business Owner. Ethan Esparza has had a thirst for entrepreneurship from a young age.

Fartun Ismail

Founder of the Somali American Women Action Center Fartun Ismail. Citizen of Edina: Fartun Ismail.

Portrait of Scott Crosbie

Citizen of Edina: Scott Crosbie, member of the First John Phillip Sousa Memorial Band.

Mark Sifferlin in a car at the 2021 Edina Fourth of July Parade

When Mark Sifferlin agreed to chair the 2021 Edina 4th of July Parade, he thought he was saying yes to creating a parade float for the Rotary Club of Edina.

Four of Edina Magazine's Advisory Board Members

Meet the individuals who serve on our Editorial Advisory Board and discover their favorite spots around town.

Local author and librarian Maureen Millea Smith is a connector.

Taking a (Golf) Swing at Cancer

The best compliment an author can hope to receive is when readers say they couldn’t put a book down.

Citizen of Edina

On Christmas Eve 2020, Shelly Loberg, a member of the Edina Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Relief Fund Committee, drove through a snowstorm to deliver $500 disaster-relief checks to struggling restaurant workers.