Images of Edina: 'A Perfect Summer Evening'

Edina baseball players celebrate.
This submission to our annual Images of Edina photo contest captured the joy of youth sports.

We regularly feature photo submissions from our Images of Edina photo contest. This month, we asked Molly Andresen, a photographer with a small business focused on families and weddings, to tell us about her photo titled “Baseball High Five.”

Edina Magazine: Where was the photo taken?

Molly Andresen: This photo was taken in Eden Prairie (Forest Hills Park) at a baseball game between Edina and EP.

EDN: What inspired the shot?

MA: It was a perfect summer evening with beautiful light, so I had my camera out and was taking photos. I watched the game for a good play to happen and then tried to capture the kids celebrating together through the fence!

EDN: What’s your favorite thing about this image?

MA: I love that I caught my son and one of his best friends celebrating together and caught genuine excitement on my son’s face. I also love how the fence catches the light.

EDN: What prompted you to submit your photo to Images of Edina?

MA: I loved that it showed kids playing and celebrating Edina sports together, and the way my son is angled it showed off his Edina jersey and helmet!

EDN: What tips would you offer others considering submitting their photos to contests like ours?

MA: Bring your camera everywhere with you! That way, you’re always ready to catch a great moment in our community.