November 2022

“If you are in a movie theater, you can look two people down and they are laughing while you are laughing or you can look three people down and they love that song that you love. It is living proof that you are not alone.” —Stephen Chbosky, American screenwriter, film producer, film director and novelist

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'Sweet Treat at Snuffy’s' by Patricia Willette

Images of Edina: How Sweet It Is. Local grandmother shares a beloved afternoon with her grandchildren.

Chocolate tortes and pastries from Patisserie Margo.

Patisserie Margo And Its Sweet Contributions to the Community. Margo Bredeson has kept Edina sweet for 25 years.

Christmas tree at downtown 50th & France.

Christmas Tree Cheer Comes To 50th And France. Edina’s annual tree-lighting ceremony to take place at 50th & France.

New marquee at Edina Theathre.

Curtains Up At The New Edina Threatre. Family-owned Edina Theatre reopens after full renovation.

Piping madeleine cookies into a prepared baking sheet.

Francophile Family Join the Alliance Française Community. How one Edina family embraces the joy and delight of French culture in their daily lives.

Headshot of Steve Brehm.

Groundbreaking Berry Coffee Company And Its Local Founder. Lifelong Edina resident shares his passion for coffee and community.

The Overdressed Duo posed outside.

The Overdressed Duo Bring Opera To Everyone. Local professional musicians are making opera accessible to all.

Juniper cured salmon.

Your Guide to A Very Scandi Thanksgiving. Get inspired by some of Minnesota's roots this holiday season.

Babysitter with a young girl.

Prep for Your Parents' Night Out. Expert tips for hiring a babysitter you trust.

Woman drinking water.

The Importance of Hydration.

'Lessons in Chemistry' book cover.

Supper at Six: 'Lessons in Chemistry' Book Review

Portrait of Shrey Ramesh

Biomedical Engineering Student Driven by Passion for Patients. Citizen of Edina: Shrey Ramesh.

The stained glass wall at Edina City Hall.

The stained glass wall on the east side of Edina City Hall is exactly where it should be: close to the site of Edina Mill.

Edina Magazine November 2022

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is already upon us. How is it that Halloween costumes and candy are already being clearanced out, and store shelves are filled to the brim with holiday decor? It feels like just yesterday that pumpkin spice lattes were hitting coffee shops. While my social schedule tends to get a bit over-full in the last two months of the year, I take solace in the fact that I can also fill up on time with loved ones—not to mention delicious seasonal food, drinks and treats.