Golden Rules for Group Travel

Molly Golden

Since 2017, Molly Golden has shared her passion for travel and lifestyle pro tips through her blog, Golden Girl Travel. Whatever your reason for traveling in a large group—extended family vacations, bachelor or bachelorette parties, holiday gatherings, you name it—you want fun to be first and foremost. So, we sat down with Golden for her golden rules on a type of travel where fun can easily slide into frustrating: group trips.

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Uncover, Discover & Explore

Boy holding an apple

When autumn’s cooler temperatures roll in, the gorgeous fall weather creates a perfect setting for getting outdoors to enjoy the change in season. What’s a better way to welcome fall exploring a bit of greater Minnesota and all it has to offer. Kristen Glazer, a Minnesota-based travel writer who loves exploring Minnesota, shares her insights and adventures from a few hidden gems around the state, places that offer a combination of site seeing and unique small-town charm, and serve as charming getaways in right in our home state. Read more about Uncover, Discover & Explore


Safe Travels

Woman spraying hand sanitizer on child's hands

If you’re planning to travel for spring break, be sure to keep up those COVID-19 protocols and safety practices. Consider airports, bus stations, train stations and rest stops as places travelers can potentially be exposed to coronavirus, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). So here are a few CDC guidelines to follow while you’re away: 

When using bathrooms and rest stops, make sure to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Read more about Safe Travels


A Tale of Two Stays

Guest room inside The Hotel Landing

Editors Angela Johnson and Renée Stewart-Hester traveled out of state and locally (respectively) and share some of their experiences of staying in hotels and an Airbnb during the pandemic.

 After months of sticking close to home, I figured an overnight stay at The Hotel Landing in Wayzata might be a good way for me to ease back into travel. More importantly, it provided me with first-hand information to share. Understanding how some hotels are handling COVID-19-related issues might alleviate travelers’ concerns. Read more about A Tale of Two Stays


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